Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Let Strider-Fest Begin!

So as of September 27th The Darkest Surrender by Gena Showalter was released into stores. This will be the 12th story in the Lords of the Underworld series. And this novel revolves around Strider the keeper of the Demon High Lord of Defeat. I just picked up the novel today and have been itching g to crack open the binding. (As I previously stated I am re-reading and reviewing each of her previous novels in this series.) I am so excited and can't wait to get to know the immortal warrior Strider and see who finally can challenge his heart. (And recently announced the next book will be the long awaited Paris' story!!!!) But for now let me leave you with the summary from Ms. Showalter's artfully crafted 12th Lords story:

Possessed by the demon of Defeat, Strider cannot lose a challenge without suffering unimaginable pain. For him, nothing stands in the way of victory. Until Kaia, an enchanting Harpy, tempts him to the razor’s edge of surrender.

Known among her people as The Disappointment, Kaia must bring home the gold in the Harpy Games or die. Strider is a distraction she can’t afford because he as an agenda of his own – steal first prize, an ancient godly artifact, before the winner can be named. But as the competition heats up, only one prize will matter – the love neither had thought possible…

Interest Piqued? I know mine is (: And if your curious about the rest of the series I'll be posting reviews of novels 2 & 3 shortly!

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Friday, September 9, 2011

The Darkest Night

Title: The Darkest Night
Author: Gena Showalter
Reading level: Older Teens/Adults
Paperback: 384 pages
ISBN #: 978-0373772469
Received From: Bought It
Publisher: Harlequin
Group Genre: Mythology/Romance
Cover: B+
Overall: A+

"All her life, Ashlyn Darrow has been tormented by voices from the past. To end the nightmare, she has come to Budapest seeking help from men rumored to have supernatural abilities, not knowing she'll be swept into the arms of Maddox, their most dangerous member -- a man trapp ed in a hell of his own. Neither can resist the instant hunger than calms their torments . . . and ignites an irresistible passion. But every heated touch and burning kiss will edge them closer to destruction -- and a soul-shattering test of love . . ."

So the summary of this book does not do this book nor the series justice! This book is a perfectly balanced juggling act of everything I want in a novel history/mythology, drama, romance, intrigue and a cliffhanger ending that leaves you reaching for the next novel in the series. Ashlyn (love the name) is a little wimpy for my tastes at first and yes she can hear past conversations which is pretty cool but whats with the constant need to be taken care of (yuck). But she does come into her own later in the novel and did manage to live up to Gena's strong woman in charge MO. Now Maddox is the story of violence ( no really he is violence). He is one of 12 Lords and here's that back story:

"Long ago, twelve immortals warriors – each more dangerously seductive than the last -- stole and opened Pandora’s box, unleashing the evil from within. Now they carry that evil within themselves. Violence, Pain, Death, Disease, Disaster, Misery, Doubt, Promiscuity, Defeat, Lies, Secrets, and Wrath. When a powerful enemy returns, they will travel the world in search of a sacred relic of the gods – one that threatens to destroy them all. "

And I know this may sound confusing but the novels do a wonderful job of setting you up with the storyline of the Lords. And if your a mythology junkie like myself this is the series you've been waiting for. What a fun and fresh new look into the story of Pandora's box and I cannot wait to read the whole series. Caution: These books are extremely addicting I read the first and bought the rest within a week of reading the first! I'm on book 2 now! (:

*A note these books are Adult Paranormal Romance and do contain more erotic material that I don't recommend for younger readers.

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Finally Back

Oh My Goodness it's been awhile. However, I finally have internet back again. (I know what your thinking but welcome back to the 21st century for me haha!) But I'm kicking off the month of September big time with the new release of Gena Showalter's The Darkest Surrender (biting my nails until the 27th as we speak). So to celebrate my big return back to the modern age and this fantastical new release I will be reviewing her previous titles in the Lords of the Underworld series. So thanks for sticking with me this past year it's been a tough one but I'm back and ready for blogging!!!!

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