Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Wanna Do Bad Things With You

So I've got a fever right now and the only prescription is .........more True Blood! I just finished watching the season 3 premiere and am so psyched! And to celebrate I've posted Charlaine Harris (the lady behind the books that made this amazing HBO series) as my author of the month! Also I have to True Blood related reviews coming up this week. I've been waiting to review Dead In the Family & I have True Blood And Philosophy. And I know what your thinking "Christ, I wanna lick your mind" ~ Jason Stackhouse. Well you'll just have to wait and see what else I have for my vamped up week! So don't shift from your seats (bad pun intended) because we've got plenty of supes, sex and Stackhouses to go round for the whole week! Oh and by the way "Eric is mine!"
LOL=Lots Of Love

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