Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wish Stealers

Title: Wish Stealers
Author: Tracy Trivas
Reading level: All
Paperback: 281 pages
ISBN #: 9781416987253
Received From: contest
Publisher: Aladdin
Group Genre: YA
Cover: B
Overall: B+

"Griffin Penshine is always making wishes. But when a sinister old woman tricks her into accepting a box of eleven shiny Indian Head pennies from 1897, Griffin soon learns these are no ordinary pennies, but stolen wishes. This box of labeled pennies comes with a horrible curse: People in possession of the stolen coins are Wish Stealers, who will never have their wishes granted.... In fact, the opposite of what they've wished for will happen. Griffin must find a way to return these stolen wishes and undo the curse if her own wishes are to come true. But how can Griffin return wishes to strangers who might not even be alive? Her journey leads her to ancient alchemists, Macbeth's witches, and a chance to help people in ways she never imagined, but the temptation of the Wish Stealers' dark and compelling power is growing stronger. Can Griffin reverse the curse in time to save herself and the people she loves?"

I really enjoyed this novel it wasn't an in-depth, make you think kind of book. Yet it has an incredible, make- you -feel good message to put out there. This is the type of book for a younger set but can still be enjoyed by adults. The characters are relatable and the setting is your average town. The fantasy element is what elevates the book from not just being another teen high school story. I really would have liked some more character development and struggle in Griffin but you win some and lose some. All in all I'd say this book was a fun, feel-good quick read. I think that if your just looking for a book to enjoy and smile about this is for you!

LOL=Lots Of Love

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