Friday, June 11, 2010

Yay it's finally Friday! I am sooo excited for this weekend because Sunday is the series 3 premiere of True Blood! This week has been pretty crazy and it's only gonna get more hectic. I'll be getting a Cat Scan this week for my ear problems and hopefully it's just my allergies that are bugging me. But all things will be revealed in time! Last week I found some great new blogs and through them found some great new books to lust over. That's what is so great about the blog hop you can discover so much by just linking up! So check it out over @ Crazy For Books and enjoy your week and the hop!

LOL=Lots Of Love


  1. Just hopping by!!! I love your site!!!! Hope you are having a fab weekend!!!

    Feel free to check me out at Addicted To Romance

    Happy Reading!!

  2. Hi, we found you through Book Blogger Hop. We are now following you and hope that you can return the favor!! Can’t wait to read more of your blog!!

    Elizabeth =)

  3. Stopping by on the blog hop. My hop is here:

    Hope you're having a great blog hop weekend.


  4. Happy Blogger Hop! :) You have a beautiful blog!!


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