Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Scarlet Lion

Title: The Scarlet Lion
Author: Elizabeth Chadwick
Reading level: All
Paperback: 548 pages
ISBN #: 9780751536591
Received From: Won through Giveaway
Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark
Group Genre: Hit/Fic
Cover: A-
Overall: A

"Already known as a knight of uncommon skill and honor, William Marshal has earned the friendship of King Richard and the love of a wealthy heiress. But when the Lionheart dies, leaving his treacherous brother John on the throne, William and Isabelle need all of their strength and courage to face a shattered world. Their sons held hostage, their integrity at stake, the two must choose between obeying their king or honoring their hearts."

What a fantastic look into on of the most honorable man in all of history. Everyone has heard of Richard the Lionheart and the bad King John (which is where our legend of Robin Hood is supposed to have originated) but there was a greater man behind both William Marshall! And Chadwick brings him to life in her two novels The Greatest Knight and The Scarlet Lion. I truly adored William throughout The Greatest Knight and after reading The Scarlet Lion I felt as if he should be the model to which men look up to. His honor, loyalty, and above all love and compassion he shows to ALL throughout both novels surpasses any other man I've ever heard of or about. And yes, I know I am blabbering about William Marshall but it is his promises and loyalties which hold the entire book together. And no, this is not just another prince charming story. This is a rocky road of doing whats right in the face of sooo much wrong. The story was uplifting and will have you practically screaming for William and Isabelle to succeed. Will they at long last? Well I think you should read the book for yourself and find out! The Greatest Knight and The Scarlet Lion are both on my "must reads" list and I seriously suggest this to all who are Historical Fiction buffs!

LOL= Lots Of Love

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  1. I love Elizabeth Chadwick and I am always happy to find other bloggers discovering just how good she is!

    Can I encourage you to try and get hold of A Place Beyond Courage which is about William's father John. I didn't believe that the EC would be able to make me like him after what he did with William when he was a little boy, but oh my goodness, what a man!


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