Sunday, July 4, 2010


Title: Virginia
Author: Susan Hughes
Reading level: All
Paperback: 287 pages
ISBN #: 9781554533077
Received From: publisher
Publisher: KCP Fiction
Group Genre: Fiction
Cover: D
Overall: C

" Virginia Donato has always had an indefinable quality that sets her apart from anyone else Ivy Morell has ever known. But when this childhood friend and neighbor confides in her, confessing that she has been visited by an angel and asked to do something "momentous," Ivy begins to think Virginia has lost her mind. As Ivy struggles to make sense of her friends bizarre claim, she notices other strange happenings in the Donato household. Determined to find out more, Ivy discovers that Virginia's older brother Paul may have a shocking secret of his own, one that could have dangerous consequences. Can it be connected to Virginia? Should Ivy tell? And is there anyone she can turn too before it's too late?"

I really wanted to get into this book; the plot is relatable even with the paranormal element, and the author has a spellbinding way of storytelling. Unfortunately the events just played out too slow and the ending was a real let down (at least for me it was)! Also the paranormal element just took a backseat about halfway through the book, it was still in the car but just not as exciting and intriguing as it could have been. Although this book has a great message which is about one person being able to make a difference, I think I anticipated more from the novel. It reminded me of M. Night Shymalan's The Village suspense throughout and then a giant let down at the end! But like I always say "to each their own" and although this book won't be on my favorites any time soon you may find that you enjoy the novel!

LOL=Lots Of Love

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