Monday, March 1, 2010

Author of the Month: Sharon Lathan

I've just recently discovered Sharon Lathan's Darcy Trilogy after winning the books over on Lucy's blog Enchanted By Josephine. And I have to say I'm hooked but before I go on and on let me give you a little author bio first:

Sharon Lathan is a native Californian currently residing amid corn, cotton, and cows in the sunny San Joaquin Valley. She divides her time as homemaker nurturing a husband and two children, plus the cat, dog, and fish; while also working as a Registered Nurse in a Neonatal ICU. Somewhere in there she finds time to write!

I've read her first two books thus far and am currently diving through the pages of My Dearest Mr. Darcy. I love the way she writes putting you in the story fully immersed in all things Darcy. Also she stick close to the original Pride And Prejudice which really struck a cord with me as it is one of or maybe my favorite book (shhhh! don't tell my bookshelf) of all time. In my personal opinion I think Lathans Darcy trilogy is one of the best sequels or spinoffs of P&P I've read to date. And I'm so excited because the trilogy will continue with Romancing Mr. Darcy, it will be released on October 1, 2010. If your still not fully convinced check out my reviews! And if you just need more on Sharon Lathan you can check out her webpage here!

LOL=Lots Of Love


  1. Author of the Month! I am so honored! Thank you very, VERY much, Rheanna! I am sharing this with everyone!!

  2. I love all things Austen! I admire an author who is willing to write sequel type books of Janes works of art! P & P is merely one of my favorites and I am more than thrilled to see there are more books for me to get my hands on! Thank you for pointing out Sharon Lathan's books!

    This is bound to be fun!

  3. Rheanna I couldn't agree more with your sentiments Sharon's writing is captivating and allows the reader to become transported to Darcy & Lizzy's world so easily.
    As a lover of all JA's books I highly recommend Sharon's continuing saga as a must read. It is my personal favourite sequel to my all time fav book. Sharon has given Darcy & Lizzy the life I always dreamed for them but so much more!!!
    Happy reading and Sharon is my fav author of the day month year!
    TSBO devotee

  4. Dear Rheanna,

    Thank you so much for recognizing Sharon Lathan and her Darcy Saga. You couldn't have picked a better candidate for one of you "Author of the Month" blogs.

    I have been corresponding with Sharon for the past 4 years; prior to her publishing life. I literally stumbled onto her website and got hooked on her books. I have her three self-published books and her professionally published books. I, too, am anxiously awaiting her fourth book in October.

    Sharon has worked very hard to get where she is today and I am very honored to consider her a friend.

    Thank you again for recognizing her.


    Esther Ann

  5. I am sold! I look forward to reading the Saga :-)
    Congrats to Mrs. Sharon Lathan!!


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