Friday, February 26, 2010

All Acts of Love and Pleasure Are Her Rituals

Title: All Acts of Love and Pleasure Are Her Rituals
Author: Rachel Adair
Reading level: ADULT
Paperback: 544 pages
ISBN #: 9781432744748
Received From: Author
Publisher: Outskirts Press Inc.
Group Genre: Paranormal/Romance
Cover: A
Overall: C

"Lady Caroline Hathaway is part of a lineage that has been called on for centuries for herbal wisdom and midwifery. She brings healing to the people of her Old English village with herbal remedies and a power that comes from a much more mysterious force than mere plant-lore. But this power brings her under the scrutiny of the Queen's monks, and hundreds of years will pass before healers of her ilk are able to openly practice their art again."
After finishing this book I had to sit down and truly contemplate my thoughts pertaining to this novel. The book itself is a lot to process so I wanted to really get my review right!

First I'll say I loved the cover. It completely fits the book with the Spanish rose and the silhouette woman keeping a secret! Now I enjoyed the story aspect of the book itself which is summarized in the above quotations. However; I was quite a bit overwhelmed by the sexual promiscuity of the lead characters. And I know the author herself warns the reader to "Open your mind and enjoy" (and I am by no means opposed to certain intimate writings ) but there was a bit too much erotic affairs for me to enjoy the story itself. I love romance but this one went a little beyond for me it is a very adult novel! I really wished the story pertaining to Caroline's powers, lineage and scrutiny were what I was able to focus on because it is a beautiful story in itself. I felt this is when she was a relate-able character and this is why I wanted to continue reading to find out her fate! The end of the novel focused more on these points and really captured me to continue in suspense.

This is an adult novel by all means. It is erotic, sensual, and you will blush quite a bit I must say. But I enjoyed the story behind the crazy rampant passion and that's what endeared me to the book. I will say this book is not for everyone and most people will not make it past the first intimate scene. But if you can see through the sex there is a story there to be told!

LOL=Lots Of Love

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