Thursday, April 1, 2010

Author of the Month: Steve Berry

Happy April Fools Day everyone! And it's a new month (and my birthday month yay!) which means a new amazing author to introduce! This month I chose Steve Berry, an author who writes thrilling mysteries with historical and biblical tie-ins. But before I praise his work here's a little bio on him:

Steve Berry is the New York Times bestselling author of The Paris Vendetta, The Charlemagne Pursuit, The Venetian Betrayal, The Alexandria Link, The Templar Legacy, The Third Secret, The Romanov Prophecy, and The Amber Room. He has 10 million books in print, which have been translated into 37 languages and sold in 50 countries. Steve's road to publishing was long and arduous, spanning 12 years (1990 - 2002) and 85 rejections over 5 separate manuscripts. He's also an accomplished instructor, having taught the concepts of writing to many an audience across the globe. When Steve's not writing, you can find him either on a beach, or on a golf course, or traveling --- discovering more things lost --- thinking of the next novel.

Steve and his wife Elizabeth have also started a foundation, History Matters, dedicated to aiding the preservation of our heritage.

Not only does Berry keep the suspense coming but he's teaching at the same time which I always admire in an author. He creates drama and intrigues with each book written. I truly enjoy his books; a lot of them are of the cannot-put-down variety. If your a mystery fan like myself a Warning: You may become enthralled in these books, you may not be able to walk away from these action packed thrill rides of novels! And the best part I've not read a book by him yet that disappoints (and I've only have 2 more to read that are published). If you'd like to learn more about Steve Berry or his works check out his website here!

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