Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Chase

Title: The Chase
Author: Clive Cussler
Reading level: All
Paperback: 448 pages
ISBN #:9780399154386
Received From: co-worker
Publisher: Berkley Books
Group Genre: Hit/Fic, Mystery
Cover: C+
Overall: B+

"1906: For two years, the western states of America have been suffering an extraordinary crime spree: a string of bank robberies by a single man who cold-bloodedly murders any and all witnesses and then vanishes without a trace. Fed up by the depredations of the "Butcher Bandit," the U.S. government brings in the best man they can find-a tall, lean, no-nonsense detective named Isaac Bell, who has caught thieves and killers coast to coast. But Bell has never had a challenge like this one. From Arizona to Colorado to the streets of San Francisco during its calamitous earthquake and fire, he pursues what is quickly becoming clear to him is the sharpest criminal mind he has ever encountered, and the woman who seems to hold the key to the bandit's identity. Using science, deduction, and intuition, Bell repeatedly draws near only to grasp at thin air, but at least he knows his pursuit is having an effect. Because his quarry is getting angry now, and has turned the chase back on him. The hunter has become the hunted. And soon it will take all of Isaac Bell's skills not merely to prevail . . . but to survive. "

What a thrill ride of a novel! And I have to admit at first I was skeptical because a co-worker had given me the book to read. The plot is outstanding with twists and turns all along the way. I love the two villains who are so intricately written. And viewing the perspective of both good and evil gives the reader insight into some pretty complicated minds. The cat and mouse game between both detective and thief is probably one of the best I've read of in awhile. I truly enjoyed this book and will be checking out further novels by this author. I have to give a massive thanks to Christine for letting me borrow this book! Also for bloggers if your looking for a vivid mystery with a little history thrown in check this one out of your nearest library. It really was a phenomenal roller coaster book filled with intrigue and suspense!

LOL=Lots Of Love

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