Friday, January 15, 2010


Title: Nefertiti
Author: Michelle Moran
Reading level: Historical Fiction
Paperback: 460 pages
ReceivedFrom: I Bought it
Publisher: Crown Publishing Grp.
Genre: Historical Fiction
Cover: B-
Overall: A-
"The sweeping story of a powerful Egyptian family, Nefertiti: A Novel tells the tale of two sisters, the first of whom is destined to rule as one of history’s most fascinating queens.
Beautiful Nefertiti and her sister, Mutnodjmet, have been raised far from the court of their aunt, the Queen of Egypt. But when the Pharaoh of Egypt dies, their father’s power play makes Nefertiti wife to the new and impetuous king. It is hoped she will temper King Amunhotep’s desire to overturn Egypt’s religion, but the ambitious Nefertiti encourages Amunhotep’s outrageous plans instead, winning the adoration of the people while making powerful enemies at court. Younger yet more prudent, Mutnodjmet is her sister’s sole confidant, and only she knows to what lengths Nefertiti will go for a child to replace the son of Amunhotep’s first wife.
As King Amunhotep’s commands become more extravagant, he and Nefertiti ostracize the army, clergy, and Egypt’s most powerful allies. Then, when Mutnodjmet begins a dangerous affair with a general, she sees how tenuous her situation is at her own sister’s court. An epic story that resurrects ancient Egypt in vivid detail."
Michelle Moran breathes new life into the world of ancient Egypt. Although the title may read Nefertiti the book captures her sisters point of view which makes the book more engrossing from an outsiders pespective.
I love the ability to put yourself into the court of Amunhotep and to see that he is nothing more than an early King Henry VIII. His childlike ambitions to step out of the shadows have his wives ( yes there are more than one) competing to win him over. Its a turbulent story of religion, love, deception, and betrayal.
I have not seen a book to capture the real Nefertiti in a long time. She is not just portrayed as a cruel, backstabbing beotch, but as a sister fighting for her throne. ( Not unlike "The Other Boleyn" by Phillipa Gregory) You feel her sisters pain as she is put into situations that compromise her ethic but uphold her pharaoh sister. You really begin to root for Mutnodjmet; wanting her to find a place to escape her sister but not forsake her family.
The only thing I wished to see improved on this book was the ending. It was composed beautifully until the end when everything seemed so rushed to be finished. SPOILER ALERT:I didn't want to read about Nefertiti being killed off I wanted to be put in the situation to feel the families pain. But no; sadly, it came to a close too fast. I can only hope the "Heretic Queen" picks up where this one abruptly halted.
However; if you love Egyptology like I do definitely try this book. You may even learn some new words my little Miw-Sher!

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