Sunday, January 24, 2010

Virgin: Prelude to the Throne

Title:Virgin:Prelude to the Throne
Author: Robin Maxwell
Reading level: All
Paperback: 235
Received From: I bought it @ Thrift Books
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Group Genre: Historical Fiction
Cover: C+
Overall: A-

"England, 1547: King Henry is dead. Elizabeth's half-brother, nine-year-old Edward, is king in name only. Thomas Seymour, brother to the ambitious duke who has seized power in this time of crisis, calculatingly works his way into
Elizabeth's home in genteel Chelsea House. He marries Henry's widow, Catherine
Parr, and uses his venerable charms and sexual magnetism to indulge his
infatuation for young Elizabeth. Caught hopelessly under Thomas Seymour's spell,
surrounded by kind friends and hidden enemies, Elizabeth can only follow her
heart to ensure survival."

Virgin is a wickedly imagined piece for author Robin Maxwell. I like the way she captivates the readers imagination with her storytelling. She takes historical fact and intricately winds it through her novels.

Elizabeth is compelling in this novel a castoff, an innocent child, a pawn, and a whore. She plays so many roles but with each you still want to stand up for her. And that's the allure people had for her during her time. This is what her court was about and how she began to build support. Her scandal, and downfalls are what make her a queen and such an interesting character.Also I love the way the author writes about her characters younger years (as in same with the case of Mademoiselle Boleyn). This is a topic not to stretched upon; and I love her embellishments to the story (although most are historical fact ).

All in all, I have to say this book was beautifully written. It's a short, complex novel of Elizabeth before she became queen. The scandals caused by her and Thomas Seymour will tug at your heartstrings because we all know how we felt about our first loves (or lusts). Another brilliant novel by Robin Maxwell, soon I hope to have read them all. And I think I may have found my first author of the month.

LOL=Lots Of Love

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