Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Amber Room

Title: The Amber Room
Author: Steve Berry
Reading level: All
Paperback: 388
ISBN #: 9780786258574
Received From: I bought it @ The Book Rack
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Group Genre: Historical Fiction/Mystery
Cover: C
Overall: B-

"Life is good for Atlanta judge Rachel Cutler. She loves her job, loves herkids, and remains civil to her ex-husband, Paul. But everything changes when her father, a man who survived the horrors of World War II, dies under strange circumstances-and leaves behind clues to a secret he kept his entire life . . .
a secret about something called the Amber Room. Desperate to know the truth about her father's suspicious dealings, Rachel takes off for Germany, with Paul close behind. Shortly after arriving, they find themselves involved with a cast of shadowy characters who all claim to share their quest. But as they learn more about the history of the treasure they seek, Rachel and Paul realize they're in way over their heads. Locked in a treacherous game with ruthless professional killers and embroiled in a treasure hunt of epic proportions, Rachel and Paul suddenly find themselves on a collision course with the forces of power, evil,and history itself."

This book fell a little short for me to be completely honest. After reading some of Berry's latter novels I was a little dissapointed. It reminded me a lot of an M. Night Shyamalan movie meaning The Sixth Sense was astounding yet The Village not so much! The main characters Paul and Rachel are endearing with their rocky romance, and I loved the competing art collectors. But all the action in the novel led me in suspense to a rather surprising let down.

I have to give it to the author though the chase leading up to the Amber Room was enthralling! If only the twist at the end had been different I would truly have loved this book as I have the preious I've reviewed. When all is said and done I liked the book but would defiinetly recommend reading one of the novels by Steve Berry I had prviously reviewed! I still have a few more to go by the same author and I'm hoping they redeem my love for his works!

LOL=Lots of Love

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