Friday, February 19, 2010

A Simple Confession

I have a confession to make........ I am falling in love all over again with all things concerning Pride and Prejudice. I was nuts about this novel in high school and have always considered Jane Austen an author way before her time (in regards to writing style). But after just finishing Pride and Prejudice as an Adult (finally haha) I can finally appreciate it as the classic piece of literature it was written to be. I just can't get enough and I apologize in advance as I'll be reviewing quite a bit of Darcy-esque literature for those of you who don't love it (oh come on who doesn't love one of the greatest love stories of all time)! Currently I'm so involved in the Darcy Trilogy I won in a contest from Lucy over at Enchanted by Josephine. (honestly Lucy I can't profess my thanks enough) I just can't wait to find out whats next for the Darcy's and I hope you guys all enjoy my tour through the Georgian Era of England in my reviews and rantings.

LOL=Lots Of Love

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