Friday, February 5, 2010

Stressed in Scottsdale

Title: Stressed in Scottsdale
Author: Marcia Fine
Reading level: more adultish
Hardcover: 325
ISBN #:978061531513351495
Received From: received from Bostick Communications
Publisher: L'Image Press
Group Genre: fiction/comedy
Cover: B+
Overall: B-

"Jean Rubin, a multi-tasker, has too much to do. She tries to find sanity in a
world where environmental issues and political corruption make you laugh out
loud. Wickedly funny!"

"Stressed in Scottsdale" is a comedy about one woman's life spiraling out of control into a stress-infused free fall. Poor Jean tries to take care of everyone elses needs in between doctors appointments and her husbands new political campaign for a greener Arizona. Her balancing juggle act may never end even when she has a mini stroke.

It made me laugh from start to finish. You can easily relate to Jean if you are in college or post-college. I see my stress through her and think "thank god that's not me!" Jean is relateable as opposed to her kooky friends and children. But they make life all the more interesting. I really enjoyed the flow of the book but I thought the ending was rather abrupt it seemed unfinished. Yes, the day is saved time to relax but there's got to be something else just around the corner that could have been alluded to! The authors sarcasm was refreshing it's nice to hear a woman author who's not afraid to put it out there. I really enjoyed the little stress tips at the beginning of each chapter (they were so amusing).

I really loved this book as a short read, but sad to say it wasn't a "you can't put this down" kind of book. I think all in all the book was a great comedic read but not a life changing experience. If you've need a good laugh and maybe some perspective on your own stress level pick up "Stressed in Scottsdale".

LOL=Lots Of Love

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