Sunday, February 14, 2010

Signora da Vinci

Title: Signora da Vinci
Author: Robin Maxwell
Reading level: All
Paperback: 422 pages
ISBN #: 9780451225801
Received From: I bought it
Publisher: Penguin Group
Group Genre: Historical Fiction
Cover: A
Overall: A+

"Caterina was fifteen years old in 1452 when she bore an illegitimate child inthe tiny village of Vinci. His name was Leonardo, and he was destined to changethe world forever.Caterina suffered much cruelty as an unmarried mother and hadno recourse when her boy was taken away from her. But no one knew the secrets ofher own childhood, nor could ever have imagined the dangerous and heretical
scheme she would devise to protect and watch over her remarkable son. This is
her story."

Honestly I don't want to summarize any of this book because the authors writing already says it all. This is so far my favorite Robin Maxwell book I've read to date. I love fearless Caterina, questioning Leonardo, passionate Lorenzo, faithful Francesco, even Pierro (whom we're not supposed to like). All of these characters are soooo well written that you can't put the book down. You really want to know them and their story. The settings for the backdrop of the story are so vivid I thought I was in Florence and Vinci. But most of all theirs Caterina/Cato! She is the most courageous woman I've ever come to know through literature. Her strength and passion made me want to be a better person. Her life in Maxwell's eyes is an astounding trip of ups and downfalls.

As I said before I don't want to summarize or give anything away because this is a book I think everyone would want to read! Robin Maxwell has always been a favorite of mine but this novel of hers really hits a home run for historical fiction. If your interested in her work be sure to pick up Signora da Vinci and I promise you won't be disappointed!

LOL=Lots of Love


  1. Hi Rheanna, Robin Maxwell here. I just have to thank you for such wonderful praise for SIGNORA DA VINCI. It's so great when a reader really "gets it" -- exactly what I was trying to get across with my characters and story. My personal favorite (aside from Caterina, of course) was Lorenzo. I was madly in love with that guy. He was my idea of the perfect lover. I remember writing that scene where he and Caterina are in her laboratory and there he is in his tight breaches and thin white shirt...nevermind. I hope your readers will give SIGNORA DA VINCI a try.

    LOL= Lots of love from me, too

  2. Wow this book sounds great! I might have to give it a try, have you read O'Juliet? I think that book would be right up your alley! Great review!

  3. Sadly I have not had the pleasure of reading "O, Juliet" just yet ): I agree with you it is exactly up my alley but it hasn't been released yet at my local Barnes and Noble *another sad face* But believe me it's definetly #1 on my tbr pile whenever I'm able to find a copy!!!


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